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2012 is the year to Celebrate the Red Hackle

Transvaal Scottish

The Transvaal Scottish is being presented new Colours and Battle Honours in addition to celebrating 110 Years of Service to South Africa.

Tours, parades and dinners, or join our League Shoot while you visit
Johannesburg's Premier Infantry Unit.

27th May to 15th June 2012

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Celebrating the Red Hackle - The 2012 Tour Packages and Itineraries

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Gold 19 nights/20 days   27th May 15th June   Victoria Falls, League Shoot, Battlefields Tour, Parades, Kruger National Park
Red 14 nights/15 days   27th May 11th June   Victoria Falls, League Shoot, Battlefields Tour, Parades
Green 14 nights/15 days   1st June 15th June   League Shoot, Battlefields Tour, Parades, Kruger National Park
Blue 9 nights/10 days   1st June 10th June   League Shoot, Battlefields Tour, Parades
Silver 13 nights/14 days   2nd June 15th June   Battlefields Tour, Parades, Kruger National Park

The Colours of The Transvaal ScottishCelebrate the Red Hackle… revel in South Africa’s astonishing cultural heritage; time-travel back to battles that shaped nations, changed a continent, altered the very nature of modern war; experience the wonders of nature as no-where else.

We’ve put together not just one tour, but many. They’re almost infinitely variable, allowing you to see and experience what interests you, yet the strands all come together in Honouring the Red Hackle… and leaving you with a host of unforgettable memories.

From late May to mid-June 2012 we’re inviting you to join us as we mark what the Red Hackle means to us. The Transvaal Scottish Regiment commemorates 110 years of service to South Africa with the Laying-Up of the old Regimental Colours, Presentation of new Colours and the award of additional Battle Honours to enrich what is already an exceptional record.

This record was made possible by a heritage that spans continents. From Scotland, the Red Hackle proclaimed military virtues that resonate to this day. In Canada, Australia and New Zealand that same Red Hackle tells the same story. Canadians, Britons, Australians and New Zealanders fought and died in South Africa: their graves are honoured here to this day. South Africans sporting the Red Hackle likewise fought and died overseas in two World Wars to defend freedom.The Red Hackle

Yes, our Red Hackle Celebration has a strong military focus. But South Africa is known for far more than iconic battlefields. We offer a unique introduction to nature in the wild. First-world hospitality that deepens the further one travels from the cities and the closer one gets to the game and wildlife of places such as the Kruger National Park.

Join us at any point in the Red Hackle Celebration and focus on what interests you most. Remember, there are many options and diversions: for those who want to re-create the military lesson the Boers taught the British Empire — the meaning of accurate, aimed rifle fire on the open veld — there’s a day on the range. Alternatively, a visit to Gold Reef City to explore the underground origins of eGoli (the City of Gold) and enjoy a mini-world of entertainment from carousels to casinos. Whichever option you choose, the wrap-up grand finale to that particular day is a uniquely South African experience… an open-air braaivleis. (For our Australian friends, no, a braai isn’t a “barbie” under another name!”)

Don't know what a "braai" is?

Important dates incorporated in the itineraries:
      Features in:
  Saturday 2nd June 2012 Transvaal Scottish-hosted League Shoot
  Friday 8th June 2012 The Transvaal Scottish lay up their Regimental Colours
    Gala Dinner at "The Wanderers" Club
  Saturday 9th June 2012 Medal Parade
Presentation of new Colours
    Official opening of "The View"

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